Hello my name is Earl Goss and I am the webmaster for Charity Lodge 530 you are looking at our new website at CharityLodge530.org. You may notice the web address has been changed back to our old web address. I thought I was renewing the new address but I paid for the old one and couldnít get my money back, so here we are again. Hope I didnít lose anyone. So once again this website is for you the members of Charity Lodge 530 and at the end of my message youíll find a link so you can put it on your desktop of your computer so that you may quickly get to your website and see whatís going on. Youíll also notice that I have built in sections for the Eastern Star, the DeMolay, Jobís Daughters, and Rainbow Girls. Currently we have an order of Eastern Star but not any of the organizations for Masonic children. This is an area we need to grow if you are interested in helping to develop DeMolay, Jobís Daughters or Rainbow Girls please let me know and I will assist you in whatever way possible to get these organizations developed for our Lodge and the kids of our membership.


Membership E-mail.................

Attention all Charity Lodge members. I need your current E-mail address. If you do not have one, Let me know and I will create one for you from our website. My goal is to keep our website fresh and informative and help you and the lodge grow through Freemasonry.   Please e-mail me your current address and then look for a monthly notice that there is new stuff on our website for you to see.

330-519-1069 or egoss@charitylodge530.org What is that little house in the left corner of each webpage? That is the Home link.....it will take you to the first page of our website so you can start over.